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Helping businesses,developers and home seekers find and/or design a new home or project from sales & leasing to marketing.

Walking you through the steps from finding your next home or project to the design and renovation process.Save time, save money whether it’s residential or commercial from acquisition to marketing.

Working with a knowledgeable team of professionals who love what they do.

  • Consulting 80%
  • Marketing Campaigns 99%
  • Media 95%

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Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of clients do you work with?

I’m a team builder and I work with Buyers & Sellers, Developers, Business owners, looking to work with a team of experts in all facets of real estate investing in an effort to expedite the process with quality results.

What type of marketing techniques do you use?

Marketing leaders;continously track marketing trend including 4k video,drones, branding,broadcast advertising,paid ads,online marketing and social media development which leads to explosive sales.

What's your experience in construction?

Possess specialization in visualizing ideal commercial / residential space buildouts.Hire/consult with architects,Obtain all necessary permits for all levels of construction.Ensure all property ADA compliance,Historic restoration including: Brownstones,replicating historical windows and approved color pallet.Attends zoning meetings,government officials and community orginizations.

” The location was perfect as it was right on the beach with access to Ocean City and Atlantic City with twenty minutes. Billy was accommodating and quick to respond to texts. We couldn’t have asked for a better house…”

Chris Hicks

” You’ve done something different….You put it together and realized you had a winner!…”

Patty Jackson WDAS Radio

” I am sure the HSU’s will be delighted in your rental …  it is absolutely beautiful.”

Joe Pagano


Before & After: A Renovation Makes the Most of a Small Kitchen — Sweeten

House-hunting in New York is a notoriously harrowing process. After months of searching, Nikki and Chris thought they had found the perfect apartment in Astoria. It was beautiful, had all the features they wanted, and was within their budget. But after a few weeks, the deal fell through. Incredibly discouraged, Nikki and Chris wondered if they would ever be able to find a place that felt like home. Two days later, they were putting in an offer on another place.


Source: Apartment Therapy

“Million Dollar Listing NY”: The buyer’s movin’ on up… stairs

On this week’s episode of “Million Dollar Listing New York,” Ryan wins a listing, but isn’t so hot on his “reward” for selling the apartment, Fredrik hops back aboard the baby train, and Steve looks just below the floorboards to find a buyer for his latest listing. Here’s where we left off. Broker friend forever Sometimes real estate brokers go to great lengths to win a listing. Okay maybe it’s all the time, but who […]

Source: trdnews

A 1951 Vagabond Trailer in Joshua Tree — House Tour

Name: Alison and Jay Carroll
Location: Joshua Tree, California
Size: Roughly 275 square feet
Years Lived in: 1 year, owned

It started out as a hunt for a weekend spot. But when Alison and Jay Carroll saw property in Wonder Valley, California — a small community of artists and musicians in the Mohave Desert — they decided to leave behind their house in L.A. and take to the desert full time. The couple is the design duo behind Wonder Valley, an olive oil brand, shop and studio. And this 1951 Vagabond Trailer, nick-named “Big Blue,” is where they lived while they renovated their new house in the desert. The trailer is a total labor of love: They replaced the plumbing, installed the floors and built the bed, couch and cabinets themselves.


Source: Apartment Therapy

“I can feel the burn on my cheek from the slap on the face”: Buyers sound off on co-op rejections

Even with a cooling market, some co-op boards haven’t eased up on demands they make of potential buyers. It’s unclear how many applications are reviewed by co-op boards each year, but brokers and co-op lawyers estimate that the rejection rate falls somewhere between 3 and 5 percent, the New York Times reported. This sounds like a small number until you consider how many co-ops are sold in the city each year. According to StreetEasy, these […]

Source: trdnews

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