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Helping businesses,developers and home seekers find and/or design a new home or project from sales & leasing to marketing.

Walking you through the steps from finding your next home or project to the design and renovation process.Save time, save money whether it’s residential or commercial from acquisition to marketing.

Working with a knowledgeable team of professionals who love what they do.

  • Consulting 80%
  • Marketing Campaigns 99%
  • Media 95%

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Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of clients do you work with?

I’m a team builder and I work with Buyers & Sellers, Developers, Business owners, looking to work with a team of experts in all facets of real estate investing in an effort to expedite the process with quality results.

What type of marketing techniques do you use?

Marketing leaders;continously track marketing trend including 4k video,drones, branding,broadcast advertising,paid ads,online marketing and social media development which leads to explosive sales.

What's your experience in construction?

Possess specialization in visualizing ideal commercial / residential space buildouts.Hire/consult with architects,Obtain all necessary permits for all levels of construction.Ensure all property ADA compliance,Historic restoration including: Brownstones,replicating historical windows and approved color pallet.Attends zoning meetings,government officials and community orginizations.

” The location was perfect as it was right on the beach with access to Ocean City and Atlantic City with twenty minutes. Billy was accommodating and quick to respond to texts. We couldn’t have asked for a better house…”

Chris Hicks

” You’ve done something different….You put it together and realized you had a winner!…”

Patty Jackson WDAS Radio

” I am sure the HSU’s will be delighted in your rental …  it is absolutely beautiful.”

Joe Pagano


NAR: Pending home sales edge up in September

Everyone loves a good comeback. In January, the Cleveland Cavaliers rebounded from a 3-1 finals performance to clinch the top spot in the NBA. In a week, the Chicago Cubs may complete one of the greatest comebacks ever by winning the World Series for the first time since …
Source: inmannews

Realtor.com lets Elizabeth Banks brag about your new home

When Move Inc. hired Elizabeth Banks as the celebrity spokeswoman for realtor.com, the actress, producer and director set to work using humor to guide first-time buyers through the often-stressful experience of purchasing a home. Now, new homeowners or renters can have Banks brag about their new home for them — while sharing the realtor.com brand with all and sundry …
Source: inmannews

New tool allows landlords to track who goes in and out of rental apartments

Depending on where you stand, Ari Teman’s new product is either a neat amenity or a big step toward total surveillance of tenants. Or maybe it’s both. GateGuard is similar to a virtual doorman: Installed at a building’s front door, it allows tenants to accept deliveries or buzz in friends. But it also includes a camera with face recognition technology that records who enters which unit at what time, and transmits that information to an … [more]

Source: trdnews

You can follow the “Yellow Brick Road” to Elton John’s old Soho apartment

From Luxury Listings NYC: Not only does this Soho apartment have a tunnel specifically designed for cats to journey from the kitchen to the litter box, but as it turns out, it was also the former home of legendary rock star Elton John. Neither of those fact seem to be enough to sell it, however, and the apartment at 50 Wooster Street just experienced a significant chop from its original listing price of $23.25 million, to its … [more]

Source: trdnews

Direct lenders are playing a bigger role with commercial debt deals in BK, Queens

From the October issue: Non-bank mortgage lenders have jumped head first into the large-loan markets in Brooklyn and Queens as banks pull back, a review of city records by The Real Deal shows. San Francisco-based ACORE Capital, Los Angeles-based Mesa West Capital, and Midtown-based Two Harbors Investment Corp. — all direct lenders — originated loans of more than $50 million on cash-flowing commercial properties in the past year. Those were the largest loans in the … [more]

Source: trdnews

NYC tax revenue falls for first time since 2012

New York City’s tax revenues declined about 1 percent in the past few months, reversing a trend of continuous growth since 2012. And a choppy real estate market is a major culprit. Between April and August, year-over-year collections from real estate transaction taxes fell 9.7 percent while business taxes decreased by 26.1 percent, according to City Council data. Revenue from personal income and sales taxes also declined, but because of sky-high land values, revenue from … [more]

Source: trdnews

Look out for LLNYC’s latest issue with Trevor Noah

Luxury Listings NYC’s November/December issue is just around the corner and there’s a lot to look forward to. We’ve got South African comedian and “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah on our cover and gossip queen Cindy Adams inside, along with our annual holiday gift guide. Ahead of the publication of his new nonfiction book “Born a Crime,” Noah douses big issues like racism, religion and Donald Trump with a heavy does of humor. Be sure to check out … [more]

Source: trdnews

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