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Sumo Steaks Project

We were interested in this property before it even hit the open market. We felt it had a lot of potential to develop a new restaurant in the space, offering a backyard with street access for deliveries, and a great location based on growth in the area. Neighboring businesses include Philadelphia Water Dept. & Municipal Services, a number of hair salons, and supermarkets among others.

Google MapsFrom Zoning to Zagat!  It all started with an idea in L.A., a property, and a team of dedicated people who have a passion for remodeling.There are seemingly a million steps in the purchase, remodeling, and opening of a store front property in Philadelphia. From submitting plans, having those plans potentially denied, resubmitting plans, getting the thumbs up from the city, applying for permits…it’s just crazy. Check out some of our steps from Zoning to Zagat!


Sumo Steaks won Best Cheesesteak in Philadelphia.

Philly Best Cheese Steak | Sumo Steaks

Sumo Steaks even landed in Zagat!

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